Winter Newsletter and Event Recap

December 6th, 2012 by Briller

This is Adam 11, here to bring you the winter CLAW update!

Tinkerer and cartoonist, R. R. Anderson and his wonderful wife (a preschool teacher) are launching an arts and crafts materials rescue/reuse business ! Be sure to check it out.

 Our amazing Michael Daley hosted a 1 hour comic strip day on December 6th at James Sales Elementary where he created a strip an hour with the 2-5 graders.  

 On Saturday, November 30th Mark Brill, Michael Daley and Mark Monlux Represented the CLAW at Nerdy Stuffs Droids for Tots campaign.

 James Stowe has begun play testing development for the Roleplaying Game and Card Game based on his webcomic Sidekick Quests ( He recently ran a game with six 6 to 9 year olds that was received very well. If you may be interested in joining in the SKQ RPG play test you can contact him at

 Talon, Rob Larson, held a book signing at Kings Books on November 27th for his new book “Bleakonomics: A Heartwarming Introduction to Financial Catastrophe, the Jobs Crisis, and Environmental Destruction. Besides being a cartoonists Rob is also a teacher of economics.

Special Events:

Cosplay Drawing with CLAW and the Super Sirens

Join the CLAW aka: The Cartoonists’s League of Absurd Washingtonians as they lead this drawing session with the lovely Super Sirens as the models at the Tacoma Art Museum during the museums winter festival – Sunday, December 9th 2-4. The Super Sirens will be dressing up as some of our favorite comic book characters. You will see Harly Quinn, Cat Woman and fee other femme fatales from the funny pages.

CLAW Droids

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