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Talk of a CLAW revival at the great yearly ceremony meeting. What do members want from the claw? Anthology “Robo-nomicon” Book? More Zines? CLAW tables at conventions will be disbanded. Members of CLAW will be encouraged to have a CLAW spot on their individual convention tables…which when added together would make an even bigger table if you think about it! claw table voltron see!? RR is in charge of the NEW claw zine… this issue: “PRO TIPS and Tricks” lucky cartoonists… look for a page recruitment email from RR. Next CLAW art show will be at Brooks Dental. Q: How do we get absentee CLAW members excited about CLAW? Q: How do we get the word out and get more people attending CLAW open swim events at Kings Books? CLAW is a Talent Pool… but is that all? UPDATE/PREVIEW on new CLAW test website. Looking radical. RR attempts to sell the Kevin Freitas comics page functionality to members again. Maybe? Could always just pay for it out of pocket because, damn it would rule “WE NEED TO SEE COMICS ON OUR NEW WEBSITE!” Sez James Stowe. Next council member names tossed around. Recruitment/Hard Sell assignments made. FRIENDS OF CLAW nominees presented and pondered. Next meeting will be public white elephant gift exchange. Bike helmets created for Downtown: On the Go! look great. Did you see the videos?

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“Dark Pipe” Round Robin, Page Five

Dark Pipe Page Five by Mark Brill

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“Dark Pipe” Round Robin, Page Four

Dark Pipe Page Four by RR Anderson

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