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April 2017 Status Update

2nd Annual Helmet Illumination Festival for Tacoma’s Downtown on the GO has come and the results are in–a record number of helmets were adorned with the sharpies of victory. Below are the Return On Investment or ROI…

Special thanks to all who participated and to Kings Books for use of their incredible bookstore! Cartoon Illuminated Helmets will be auctioned off to raise money for public transit awareness programs.

– on the 4th Wednesday at Kings Books will consist of a study of experimental assemblage comics. Text/Graphic Cells will be assembled from a secret deck to reveal important information about the future! Perhaps!

WAYZGOOSE STREET STEAMROLLER PRESS EVENT – fez wearing cartoonists are secretly selecting from two sketches their design for this year’s steamroller street 3×3 foot poster print!  One piece of information we can confirm, Design Theme for CLAW this year is “TACOMA HOTEL FIRE!!”

CLAW SCHOLARSHIP – Deadline is here and Art students have submitted their applications! Only one lucky art student will win!  STAY TUNED!

CLAW ANTHOLOGY MEETING – SCHEDULED for 7pm at Tinkertopia April 8th Bring your rough layout sketches or story ideas!

PAGE 2 MEMBER Blotter: Brent Rosenburgh has launched a YOUTUBE show chronicling his 3d printing exploits!    Jennevieve Schlemmer has been drawing incredible epic fantasy MAPS! Mark Monlux has launched a Kickstarter for his MONSTER CARD DECKHONORARY MEMBER Peter Bagge featured in latest edition of Tacoma Weekly! RR Anderson reminds fellow creatives of Adult Tinker Nites only at Tinkertopia 1st and 3rd Thursday nights check out this Trump Bird he made!

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Captain Picard Day Art Show and Festival

Captain Picard Day

Captain Picard Day

Come celebrate the wonderous life of Jean-Luc Picard as we observe International Jean-Luc Picard day! A special art show for the third Thursday of June put on by Destiny City Comics and sinister art rebels the C.L.A.W. (Cartoonist League of Absurd Washingtonians).

Art for sale, contests, local artists to meet and greet, and more. Reception on Thursday the 16th at 5pm. Judging at 7pm. Awards and prizes! Costumes strongly encouraged! Judges will be Dan Long, House Manager at the Grand Movie Theater and Amy McBride, Arts Administrator for the city of Tacoma.

Show will be up through the end of June.

Do you want to participate in the Captain Picard Art Show & Festival? Artists will receive 65% and Destiny City Comics 35%. The $5 fee helps CLAW to pay for wall hangers and paint and posters!

WHO: Any artist that loves Captain Picard as much as we do.

WHAT: Art that celebrates all things Picard. Must be smaller than 24″ x24″ and is READY TO HANG on wall. Slightly 3D okay but must be light and able to hang on wall. Alternative and out of the box media encouraged.

THE FINE PRINT: $5 Entry Fee for each piece. (cash only) Each artist can submit up to 3 pieces. However, we want to show as many artists off as possible so carefully label EACH piece with your name, phone number, contact email, retail price, and number your entries –with #1 being the one you want to show the most– and we will put as many as we can put up! If we are completely swamped with art and can’t put up all pieces, you will receive your $$ back!

DROP OFF: All pieces need to be dropped off at TINKERTOPIA (1914 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402) between JUNE 10-15th. Tinkertopia will be open 10-6 Mon-Sat and 12-5 on Sunday.
PLEASE, we beseech you: do NOT drop off work to Destiny City–There is not enough space!

PRIZES: Grand Prize is a Universal Gift Card of $50 cash. Other prizes will be awarded in different categories.

Questions? Email Jennevieve—–
Thank you and make it so!

Just a few of the submissions delivered.

Captain Picard Day Submissions

Captain Picard Day Submissions

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CLAW April 2016 Status Report

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.17.08 PM
Greetings to all the C.L.A.W.’s watchers, followers, friends and disturbed on-lookers!  It’s April and that means showers and taxes and Fools!  But it also means that the C.L.A.W. will be participating in the annual Wayzgoose Letterpress and Book Arts Festival hosted by King’s Books on St. Helens in lovely downtown Tacoma!  It’s a wonderful celebration of printing and Tacoma artists and creators, and of course, people playing with a steamroller!  The C.L.A.W. is scheduled for a Sunday (actually the 1st of May) steamroller time, so come out and watch us smash out our tribute to Tacoma’s own futurist, Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune saga as well as many other classic tomes from the heyday of science fiction!  The event is 2 days, April 30th and May 1st, so come on down and enjoy the merry-making and print-making!
A few days before that, on Wednesday the 27th will be the monthly C.L.A.W. Open Swim meeting!  This event will also be taking place at the traditional site of King’s Books!  Yes, we hang out at King’s Books a lot!  The meeting is, as the name suggests, open to the public!  Come down at 7:30 that evening to hang out with cartoonists, draw absurd things and meet local celebrities…like R.R. Anderson and Mark Monlux and James Stowe–all founders of the Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians!  If you have no earthly idea who they might be, now’s the time to drop by and find out!!
Oh, just thought I should mention, as an afterthought…there’s a little comicbook orientated convention happening in Seattle this month as well.  Just an intimate affair, hardly worth noticing, but just in case you might be interested, a few C.L.A.W. members will be there to give it some heft (well, the ones that could get tables anyway.)  The name of this little gathering escapes me at the moment, but it takes place at the Seattle Convention Center from Thursday the 7th until Sunday the 10th.  Emerald…something something ComiCon.  Anyway, check it out if you haven’t got anything important to do.  ^0^
Until next month my friends!  Keep noodling and doodling!

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