Free Dues! and other News!

June 11th, 2020 by MarkMonlux

We have good news. Honest!

Dues for Talons of the CLAW are free for 2020. Back in April Member-Only Meeting, the Four Eyes voted to extend the deadline for dues until July. However, given the current state of affairs with the ongoing pandemic, and July coming fast The Four Eyes voted that dues for Talons of the CLAW will be waived for 2020. So, if you paid dues for 2019 you are good for 2020! Talons are asked to update their contact information on the membership planet app. And you can still go ahead and pay dues for 2020 if you want to help out, but it’s not obligatory this year.

“Draw with CLAW” will continue to meet online on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Each month the Four Eyes will review the situation in the world. The CLAW is eager to resume in-person meetings but will continue with online meetings until a new safety standard establishes itself. The theme for June’s Mini-Comic is “Quarantreats.” Share with us your comfort food stories and recipes. We would love your company at the meeting but you can also submit your work without attending. Size is 5.5 wide by 8.5 tall which bleeds to the edge. Please format your images as 300 dpi .jpg or as a .eps file. Please title your file with meeting name, your name, and page number {example: Quarantreat-Smith_1.jpg} and submit via email with subject line “Quarantreats Submission” to

Freelance Fandango meets online every Monday from 11 am to 1 pm PDT. Please sign-up on a weekly basis via Eventbrite. Or reach out with your email to You can find links via Freelance Fandango’s Facebook page, via a search on Eventbrite, or by the website of the FF’s sponsor The Graphic Artists Guild.

Epic Sketch Time
meets online every Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm PDT. You only need to sign up once via the link located on that group’s Facebook page. Or send email to

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