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New Draw with CLAW: monthly mini comics!

The CLAW Artist Guild is doing something new and fun with our monthly Draw with CLAWs!

Come draw a one-page comic or illustration, submit $5 cash with your artwork and we’ll put them all together to create a mini comic!
The books will be handed out at the following month’s Draw with CLAW (also at King’s Books), where contributors can collect their copy.
Each month will have a simple theme, our theme for February is: Year of the Rat!

When: February 26th, 7:30 PM (every fourth Wednesday of the month)
Where: King’s Books (218 St. Helen’s Ave, 98402)

Contributors can also preorder additional copies for $2 each when submitting their artwork!

Want to submit art even if you can’t make the meeting?
Contact member Mark Monlux (markmonlux{at}comcast{dot}net) to arrange for your submission. See the artwork requirements section below for details and how to submit digital files.

Artwork Requirements

All art must be safe for work/all ages.
Though we reserve the right to jury submissions, we want to accept a big variety of art regardless of age, skill level etc.

Be sure to have your name and copyright printed clearly and legibly within the margins of the art.

Black and White
Our books will be printed with either a Risograph duplicator or xerox, so pen and ink are preferred. You can submit pencil work but the quality of the scan won’t be guaranteed. We will accept digital work via email (see directions below)

Final art will be printed at 5×8 inches. Our scanner will only fit paper 8.5 by 11, we suggest you work within the boundaries of 6.5 by 10.5.

Digital Format
Digital files: 6.5 by 10.5 at 300 dpi and save as .jpg with name formatted Year-month-YourLastName example: 2020-02-Monlux.jpg

Your art and final comic will be available for pickup at the following month’s Draw with CLAW.
This was inspired by the Dune monthly drawing event held at Cafe Racer in Seattle, and proposed by member Mark Monlux. We intend to make this our regular event, and can’t wait to see your art!

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April Shower of CLAW

Hark! The cocoon of winter has shed and the beautiful wings of CLAW have unfurled into the sunlight to dry and deliver this exciting news flash bulletin!

Jennevieve Schlemmer Animal Portraits on Display in Tacoma

MEMBER NEWS: Jennevieve Schlemmer’s animal portraits are showing at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Tacoma through June! Go check them out!

MEMBER NEWS: Mark Monlux has been posting sketchnotes on how-to Social Media tips from the Graphic Artists Guild and the Tacoma-Pierce County chamber of commerce on my Instagram.

also, Mark Monlux, Mark Brilll and Russ Richards will be at Crypticon May 3-5

MEMBER NEWS: Tacoma Riso, is now Rock Paper Riso

MEMBER NEWS: RR Anderson has been vandalizing baseball cards from his shop “Tinkertopia” and also started a VISITOR LOG cartoon series about the interesting visitors that come to Tinkertopia Creative Reuse Center in Tacoma Washington. Did you know that SUMMER CAMP is starting soon? Fun things to do in Tacoma!
visitor log:
Tinkertopia Summer Camp:

baseball card vandals from Tinkertopia, LLC.
Visitor Log example by RR Anderson

MEMBER NEWS: Stan Brown posted a really cool process video for his April coloring calendar page!

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CLAW 2019 A.D.

FACE FORWARD TRUE BELIEVERS! YES, We face forward a new year full of delights and wonders, and it is we of the CLAW Artist Guild who face destiny with open ears, eyes and brains. NO, I’m not deleting that! Ha! Ho!

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MEANWHILE, Spin-off activities: Freelance Fandango and Epic Sketch Time are resuming activities to normal schedule of 11am at Red Elm and 4:30 pm online.

NEW MEMBER JAMES STOWE IS BACK! He’s back on the streets, he’s back on the airwaves, baby, he’s back in CLAW action! After completing a 1-2 year hiatus mission off the grid in the monastery, founding member James Stowe is back in the fold of CLAW and yet wiser

ANOTHER DESTINY CITY COMICS ZINE SYMPOSIUM ART FESTIVAL — scheduled February 16, 2019 at 2 PM – 7 PM at Destiny City Comics inside Kings Books! All your favorite local cartoonists will be there, even PETER BAGGE

MEMBER STAN BROWN: Continuing to do monthly “Dungeons & Doodles” shows on Wizards of the Coast’s Twitch channel (past episodes are view-able in the archives).

MEMBER JENNEVIEVE SCHLEMMER: My goal for 2019 is to paint a painting everyday while getting a media and publishing co off the ground

MEMBER ANIQUE ZIMMER AND COLIN ANDERSEN: have invested in a vintage RISO printer, follow their progress here at Tacoma RISO


MEMBER RR ANDERSON on behalf of TINKERTOPIA in Tacoma Washington, Tacoma’s funnest alt. art supply store is seeking any of these materials you’d like to donate for art.

New Sketchbooks by Commander RR

ONLY AT TINKERTOPIA: NEW SIGNATURE EDITION TACOMA SKETCHBOOKS on sale now! COVER–salvaged 1990’s economic development brochure cover pages (sexy metallic copper, union station Chihuly print); PAPER GUTS–soft butter cream hot press Bristol; BACK COVER–thick law library canvas book board; BINDING–two wire ACME staples (organic nickel iron) #tinkerbuilt only at #tinkertopia

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