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CLAW + Tacoma Rocks power team up was amazing! Never in the history of CLAW meetings had we stuffed kings books so full.. Behold Mark Brill’s Dinosaurs TV Show rock tribute..

CLAW + Tacoma Rocks working group at Kings Books

Tacoma Rock by Mark Brill

ANTHOLOGY UPDATE: the finished comic anthology of ‘anthropomorphic fables’ is set to be revealed at the 2017 Jet City Comic Show. We are down for one (1) Corner Booth with no additional needs. Here is a TEASER of just two of the many all new characters set to debut..

Tacoma Chickadee by Anique Zimmer

Toby by Megatronic Labs


NEXT CLAW OPEN SWIM: Join your friendly neighborhood cartoonists for a friendly round of Shrinky-Dink illustration and live oven shrinking!  Advanced Cartoon/Toy technology will be demonstrated. AUGUST 23rd, 7:30 – 9 pm at Kings Books – 218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98402

and now your moment of zen…

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JULY 2017 Modern CLAW Update!

*Secret meeting recap*
JULY CLAW OPEN SWIM EVENT: “TACOMA ROCKS” Members of CLAW invite members of the public to come and paint rocks so that everyone can hide them around the city and surprise a stranger with a fantastic piece of artwork!  We will have a limited supply of materials so we encourage folks to Bring Your Own Rocks (BYOR), favorite travel paint kits, etc! etc!  WHERE: Kings Books–218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98402, WHEN: 7 pm, Wednesday 26th. WHY: BECAUSE IT IS THERE!

OLD NEWS: D&D Random Character Drawing was well attended and there was many characters drawn. Send us photos if you have any!

August Open Swim: TBD

PRINTING PRESS: CLAW is on the hunt for a small table top printing press for woodblock t-shirts, posters, prints etc.

SELL ITEMS ONLINE: maybe a CLAW etsy store?

NEXT ART SHOW:  there is still time to view the Wonder Woman Art Show at Destiny City ComicsCLAW Monsters in Thrift Store Art show is currently seeking new venues too, contact us if you have a tip!

OUT DOOR PAINT CHALLENGE: Join “Thorax O’Tool” creator of Bean Town comics for some outdoor painting meetup at Ruston Way waterfront JULY 15th.


new lit’l Friends Show by Member NO. 022 Cory Macourek!




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Status Update: June 2017 CLAW NEWS you can USE

HARK! The great prince issues commands, founds states, vests families with fiefs… inferior bards should not be employed.

JOIN WITH the CLAW for a free Random Gen D&D Character Sketch Party this end of month for our public art ‘open swim’ ONLY at Kings Books, Wednesday June 28th , 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm!  From the event description: feature creating and sketching D&D characters, using stats from random generation to push the bounds of your creativity! Will it be a genius dwarf whose alchemical experiments have had unforeseen consequences on her body? A half-orc monk who fancies himself from a long lost line of royalty? A dragonborn rogue with penchant for punctuality? An overly friendly paladin with really, really bad hygiene?
A lawful evil member of the infamous Dwarven Mafia?  Blank sketch character sheets will be provided, please bring your drawing tools of choice and RSVP via our Facebook event so we can be sure to print enough for everyone.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE: WE HEART WONDER WOMAN ART SHOW is UP at Tacoma’s favorite Comic Book Store: DESTINY CITY COMICS! Join us at the opening artist reception party SATURDAY JUNE 3rd  6 – 8 pm!  Grab your lassos and join us to celebrate the wonderful Wonder Woman! Light snacks provided. Members of CLAW and invited artists are creating art paying tribute to Wonder Woman. Come by on the 3rd to vote for your favorite piece, enter a raffle, or pick up a print of Wonder Woman by CLAW artists. Be sure to pick up some free Wonder Woman comics provided by Destiny City Comics. $1 for every CLAW print sold the month of June will go to the Tacoma/Pierce County YWCA! People’s Choice prizes will be awarded to artists and raffles drawn at 7pm. Show will be up for the month of June.  TEASER IMAGES AS FOLLOWS (so many more not pictured):

MEANWHILE:  Flames of the Frost Park Chalk Challenge has rekindled and thus you can draw with chalk every Friday at Noon in Downtown Tacoma Washington at the tiny pocket park of concrete and fountains at the intersection of 9th and Pacific Avenue!  “The City is Your Canvas!”

MEANWHILE (CONT.):  Father’s Day DIY Board Game Designer Event at Tinkertopia June 4th and June 18th! ALSO now open enrollment for TINKER SUMMER CAMP

Additional  CLAW Artist Guild news to share? Contact


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