CLAW Comic Book Anthology Project

Our goal is to create and self-publish a professional full color themed anthology of comics/stories by CLAW members with a minimum of 120 pages.  Project to be financed through Kickstarter.  This project will be a highly visible art project in support of Tacoma/South Sound artists.


To create a totally awesome, sophisticated, and one of a kind anthology that pays CLAW artists for their work. Printed on high quality, no bleed paper with attractive cover.


This project will have a PG rating, appropriate for adults, families, kids. Targeting the well informed, art and comic loving public.


Provide thoughtful, artistic work with a shared vision—break stereotype molds of self-published works and present the Claw Artist Guild in a professional light.


  • PRIMARY OBJECTIVE-Create a high-quality anthology to fill a wide gulf in the Tacoma market.
  • SECONDARY OBJECTIVE-Keep introducing Claw to a large variety of patrons and create a potential revenue stream.


  • Working on a collaborative Claw project from start to finish
  • Learning to format irregular sized book (6 x 9).
  • Create project on Kickstarter
  • 120 plus pages with a maximum of 20 pages per contributor (less if we have good participation)
  • Strengthen drawing skills and work ethic
  • Create fun Kickstarter rewards
  • Learn how to format a book and sell it outside of Amazon


  • Legitimizing Claw Artist Guild as Tacoma arts powerhouse.
  • Taking a collaborative Claw project from start to finish and refining project plan for other projects
  • Creating and Completing a Kickstarter Campaign
  • Learn critical skillset—how to format books, etc outside of Amazon
  • Create and execute strong marketing plan (Learn HOW TO market)
  • Brainstorming can lead to more ideas/iterations
  • Finished Product to sell on our website, at local events, at comic cons
  • Create revenue stream to pay artists for their work
  • Potential for series of anthologies, coloring books



    • BRONZE LEVEL-Project competed but not funded on Kickstarter
    • SILVER LEVEL-Funded at bare minimum, set up selling in shops, on Amazon
    • GOLD LEVEL-Surpass Kickstarter goals, good reviews on Amazon, selling in stores as well.


Aggressive schedule but with smaller input from each participant, is reasonable. (yet flexible)

Milestone Date Notes
Project Launch 1/31/2017
Concept/Basic Outline Due 2/28/2017
Rough Drafts Due 3/28/2017
Peer Review/Revisions 4/2017
2nd Drafts Due 5/30/2017
Editing/Revisions/Formatting 6/2017
Final Drafts Due 7/2017
COVER plus Initial Design 7/2017
Final Design 8/1/2017
Marketing Plan Developed 8/1/2017
Kickstarter Launch 9/2017
Publish 11/2017



See separate marketing brief