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You Complete Me – Completed

July 24th, 2014 by MarkMonlux

On Wednesday, July 23rd 2014, The CLAW Open Swim featured “You Complete Me”. Participants were given a partial drawing to complete in an hour. The rules were simple. You could do as many drawings as you wanted, but each would be voted on separately. All participants were given four voting marbles. Black marbles were given to the images that were the most creative and/or interesting. White marbles counted as negative votes for being too mysogynistic. There was a three way tie for third place, and one image was declare more mysogynistic than the others. Credit is given as clearly as could be read from the signatures.

The template


First Place – Mark Monlux

by Mark Monlux

by Mark Monlux

Second Place – Mark Brill

by Mark Brill

by Mark Brill

Third Place [tied] – RR Anderson



Third Place [tied] – Hank

By Hank

By Hank

Third Place [tied] – David

by David

Most Mysogynistic – by RR Anderson

by RR Anderson

Josiah Martinby Josiah Martin

Kason C. Coulter

by Kason C. CoulterRR Anderson

by RR Anderson

Kevin Knodell

by Kevin Knodell

Mark Monlux

by Mark Monlux

Kason C. Coulter

by Kason C. Coulter

by Kason C. Coulter


by DradenJosiah Martin

by Josiah Martin

RR Anderson

YCM_16Mark Brill

by Mark Brill

by Mark Brill

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CLAW NEWS – June 2014 AD

June 24th, 2014 by RR Anderson

Two members of the Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians attended the Spokane Comicon this year: Monlux the Ubiquitous and Travis Bundy (member 20).  Said Mark Monlux, “The convention is growing and they need more space. The venue next year will be at the Spokane Convention Center on May 30th 2015. And this new location comes with a new name:  the ‘Lilac City Comicon’.”
Also, congrats to Mark Monlux (member #3), who on May 22nd was awarded a “Silver M” from The Marketing Awards” under the category of Photo/Illustration for self promotional art for his masterful “Robo-Tiki Terror #1″!

On June 7th, the “CLAW Marks”, Mark Monlux and Mark Brill (member #9) ventured down to the Olympia Comic Festival.  The event, sponsored by Olympia’s Danger Room Comics, was centered around small press and individual artists selling their items directly.  It was a wonderfully intimate venue and a lot of fun!

This month’s CLAW Open Swim funfest will take place on June 25th at King’s Books and will feature a round of the popular “Win Loose or CLAW” game.  Join us for the fast paced excitement!

James Stowe (member #2) has finally released the Quick Start rules to “Sidekick Quests” the RPG. They are available for download at the sidekick quests website: Also, he will be signing posters at the Lakewood Playhouse as part of their end of the year celebration and the opening weekend of Spamalot on June 14th at 5pm.  Stowe has done a series of posters for this year’s entire season at the Lakewood Playhouse, and they are amazing!

Meanwhile at Tinkertopia (host of CLAW’s Secret Lair), they are offering a wide range of summer art camps for full grown Tinker Patrol Deputies and also Jr. Tinker Patrol Cadets! Checkout for full schedule. 

Also the 2014 CLAW Wayzgoose steam roller “Zombies Must Die” print are available for purchase at Tinkertopia too–all funds go directly to next year’s CLAW Art Student Scholarship!  Posters measure 3′ x 3′ and are $200 ea.

In final news, CLAW member #8, L. S. Erhardt had this announcement to add: “They put one of my Xylene Dream comics on the refrigerator at work.”

And so they should, Larry!  So they should.

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The CLAW’s Secret Handshake

May 29th, 2014 by MarkMonlux

This instructional video is from the CLAW’s secret archives.

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