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CLAW Hobo Dollars

February 26th, 2015 by MarkMonlux

The Cartoonists’ League of Absurd Washingtonian’s Open Swim theme for Wednesday, February 25th 2015 was Hobo Dollars. The challenge was to invest in your art be improving the currency you brought to the event. There were several winners. So many I forgot to keep track of their order. So, in no particular order, here are the submissions from the event.

Hobo-dollar_01 Hobo-dollar_02 Hobo-dollar_03 Hobo-dollar_04 Hobo-dollar_05 Hobo-dollar_06 Hobo-dollar_07 Hobo-dollar_08 Hobo-dollar_09 Hobo-dollar_10 Hobo-dollar_11 Hobo-dollar_12 Hobo-dollar_13 Hobo-dollar_14 Hobo-dollar_15 Hobo-dollar_16 Hobo-dollar_17 Hobo-dollar_18 Hobo-dollar_19 Hobo-dollar_20 Hobo-dollar_21 Hobo-dollar_22 Hobo-dollar_23 Hobo-dollar_24 Hobo-dollar_25 Hobo-dollar_26 Hobo-dollar_27 Hobo-dollar_28 Hobo-dollar_29

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OPEN SWIM: CLAW Draws Hobo Dollars!

February 5th, 2015 by RR Anderson

CLAW TEAM ASSEMBLE! Hark! You too can join the elite, spongy talons of The Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians as we adulterate crisp $1 bills with clever and biting imagery as demonstrated in these YOU TUBE videos. BEHOLD:


wasn’t that illuminating!?

FAQ: What is HOBO Money? A: Hobo money is a cynical art form derived from hobos traveling long stretches in box cars. For amusement hobos would scratch crude images into nickles with a pen knife or rusty nail. Such “Hobo Nickles” are highly prized by collectors and hobo aficionados. WE of the CLAW would like to revitalize this lost and dying art form…

RULES: You must bring your own dollar bill (foreign and higher denomination bills earn extra points)!  You must also bring a pen, or a black pencil and white pencil… OR however method you want to use to HACK your dollar. OPTIONAL: The CLAW would also like to keep whatever art you create to be included in an upcoming art show. YOU COULD ALREADY BE A WINNER: Participants will be asked to vote on favorite bills, there will be prizes!


Feb 25th 7:30 pm @ Kings Books

218 St Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402

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The CLAW’s Thriftshop Painting Project

January 18th, 2015 by MarkMonlux


“Thriftshop Painting Project Premier”


The “Thrift Shop Painting Project” was conceived to bring a new perspective to old neglected paintings. The goal of art is to inspire the mind, to tell within it a story, persuade a new outlook, to rivet with amazement, or forge a new path of intellectual endeavor where there was none before. When a painting or object of art no longer captivates, it has all the decorative value of as spider web. What you see before you is a new story incapable of being told in the present without the efforts of a creative force in the past. These are not works brought back to life, they are the result of a wonderful metamorphous.


“Seaside Property” BEFORE

"Seaside Property" AFTER - $500

“Seaside Property” AFTER – $500

The impetus behind the Thrift Shop Painting Project was the numerous request The CLAW received from public institutions to provide an exhibit of the CLAW’s work. Talking amongst themselves the Talons of the CLAW found that few of their membership had art ready to present for a show. This lead to a discussion of gathering up frames from thrift shops to present new work. This in turn led to the idea of using the canvas that came with the frame. It wasn’t much of a leap from there to decide that incorporating the previous image into the new work would be both unique, and exciting.


"Rabbit Proof Fence" BEFORE

“Trojan Rabbit Proof Fence” BEFORE

"Rabbit Proof Fence" AFTER - $350

“Trojan Rabbit Proof Fence” AFTER – $350

The Thrift Shop Painting Project premiered at Tacoma Arts Month Opening Party and AMOCAT Arts Awards presented by the Tacoma Arts Commission and Spaceworks Tacoma on October 2nd, 2014. The paintings were well received and have since become a traveling show being seen at When not traveling the paintings can be seen at their home port: Tinkertopia. Interested parties who would like to offer their space as a venue may contact painting wrangler R.R. Anderson at Tinkertopia for scheduling.

Schedule of Venues (updated 02/26/15):
2015 March-April: Destiny City Comics
2015 January-February: Metro Coffee
2014 November-December: Bluebeard Coffee
2014 October: Tacoma Post Office


“Mattahorn Passing” BEFORE


"Mattahorn Passing" AFTER - $350 SOLD!

“Mattahorn Passing” AFTER – $350 SOLD!


“Post Mechanical Crab Apocolypse” BEFORE

The CLAW has a very limited budget for creating this exhibit. The requirements were that the framed images be paintings, not prints. Also, the budget for purchasing a painted had to be less that $20. The CLAW achieved this by buying some of the paintings in bulk. The proceeds of the sale of painting go back into the purchase of more paintings on which the artists might work to expand the exhibit. All of the paintings are for sale.


“Post Mechanical Crab Apocolypse” AFTER – $350


You can help the CLAW by donating your old landscape paintings to the project. You can drop them off or send them to Tinkertopia, 1914 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402.


“Bigfoot in Park” BEFORE


“Bigfoot in Park” AFTER – $250 • This is a flip painting with “Nessie” featured on the other side. SOLD!


The Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians founded in October 2008. This illustrious league of illustrators quickly became a Tacoma institution. The CLAW’s goal of communal enrichment through silliness and whimsy has been successful on many fronts. Through yearly activities with the Tacoma Art Museum, the Tacoma Public Library, and by the various activities of the Tacoma Art Commission the Talons of the CLAW have left their mark on young and old minds alike. Via the CLAW Student Scholarship, the tender talents of new emerging cartoonists are encouraged. But these are only a few of the many nefarious plans on the CLAW’s agenda.


“Season Two of the Walking Dead” BEFORE and AFTER – $150 SOLD!



“The Monlux Crossing the Wicked Woods” BEFORE



“The Monlux Crossing the Wicked Woods” AFTER – $350 SOLD



“Nessie” BEFORE



“Nessie” AFTER – This is the backside of “Bigfoot in Park” – $250 SOLD!



cuthulu_bless the children

“Cthulu Loves the Little Children” – $150

As the painting are sold new ones are added to the traveling exhibit.

“Aloha ‘auinala, Tiki” by Mark - Before

“Aloha ‘auinala, Tiki” BEFORE


“Aloha ‘auinala, Tiki” by Mark - $300

“Aloha ‘auinala, Tiki” AFTER  – $300




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