Scholarship Submission Deadline Extended

March 13th, 2009 by MarkMonlux

RR Anderson says, "Extending the deadline is a good idea."
RR Anderson says, “Extending the deadline is a good idea.”

In these times of economic hardship, it is hard to believe that starving art students are unwilling to fill out a form in the hopes of getting free cash. The CLAW has received no scholarship submissions to date. And attributes this not the complete lethargy of today’s youth, but rather on the fact that the word has not yet gone out that mulla is available. Students seeking to widen their knowledge of the mystical way of cartoons via recognized structures of formal learning may now rejoice in the knowledge that the CLAW Student Scholarship has been extended another 30 days to April 15th 2009. Please forward this link to those young innocent faces who will be the sequential art leaders of tomorrow.

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