Open Swim for June: “Hollywood Strikes Back – Episode 47: The Fandom Menagerie”

June 5th, 2013 by RR Anderson

The big wigs in tinsel town are all out of ideas… I mean REALLY out of ideas.
So they’ve hired you to illustrate your take an existing property which they plan to remake (ugh! ANOTHER remake?!) but change the main characters to a series of random objects or creatures to give the series “more flair and appeal to the current generation.”
You will pick a movie out of a hat (the same way Hollywood does it!) and then a random series of objects or creatures from another hat. You will then be asked to do a mock-up of the original movie poster (or some version of it) using the newly picked objects or creatures.
Example: They’re remaking Star Wars… but all of the main characters are replaced by produce… or stuffed bears… or marionettes. Or, they want to remake “The Road Warrior” but replace all of the characters with elements of disc golf (you know those kids and their disc golf!).
It’s just that simple! Help Hollywood further destroy the classics! And have a lot of fun doing it!
Wednesday June 26th – 7:30 @ King’s Books – Tacoma, WA


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