June 15th, 2011 by Briller

WHAT IF...Star Wars had been a sitcom???

















Tomorrow! TOMORROW! TOMOOOOOORROW!!!!! Join us on our new THIRD THURSDAY

time for the CLAW Open Swim Meeting at the Amocat Cafe on St. Helens in beautiful downtown

TACOMA!  It’s still at 8:00pm (7:30 for council and any other interested members), but we have

changed to the THIRD THURSDAY of each moth in order to hopefully begin attracting the

Artwalk crowd!

The theme for tomorrow’s Open Swim Sketch Contest is “STAR WARS…What If?” What if

Star Wars had been a musical? Or a sword & sorcery fantasy? Or a game show? Or a sitcom

(as seen in my drawing above)??? It’s a wacky Star Wars redux event inspired by the wonderful

70s Redux SW drawings that Chris Tirri (CLAW member 7.2) was doing last month!!

Thanks Chris for such an inspirational concept!!


So join us TOMORROW with your best “SW What If?” ideas firmly in mind! There will be

fabulous and exciting Star Wars prizes! Well, OK, cheap and tawdry Star Wars prizes…

But it’ll be FUN and GEEKY!  Don’t miss out!


Special Guest Robot:  R2D2!

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