August Open Swim Info

August 14th, 2013 by MarkMonlux



The next Open Swim Wednesday, August 28th at King’s Books from 7:30 – 9:30pm.
This is a FREE EVENT. The public at large is invited to attend and draw.
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The Theme: Draw a member of the CLAW as your favorite zombie hunter, using a local backdrop chosen from a list of locations- The locations will be posted and known prior to the contest, but the order of choice will be by number drawn. Not so bad- unless you’re last. Then you might end up with the LOBSTER SHOP as your location. And another randomizing factor? The weapon your zombie hunter will use will be DRAWN FROM A HAT. That’s right. Will your hunter draw a shotgun? An axe? Or, maybe- ….a HERRING? No one will know until the fateful evening of the 28th. Oh, prizes? Yes- there are PRIZES!

First prize- two weekend passes to QZ-CON 2013!
Second prize- one Saturday-only pass to QZ-CON
Third prize– an official ZOMBIE HUNTER challenge coin!
Fourth prize- well, there isn’t a fourth prize- unless we have more than ten participants. (then there will be a fourth prize worthy of the title.)
All entries receive a FREE entry into the QZ-CON art show!

Locations (may be interior or exterior, if applicable -name of location used must be written on the drawing) :
1. Old City Hall
2. Union Station3. Frost Park Chalk-Off
4. Dorky’s
5. The Tacoma Totem Pole
6. The Le May Museum
7. The Java Jive
8. The Elks Club Wal-Mart
9. The BNSF rail yard
10. The LINK
11. AMOCAT Cafe
12. The Theatre District
13. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
14. The Tacoma Narrows Airport
15. The Tacoma Dome
16. Fergie’s on the Ave
17. Sixth Ave
Oh, and: 18. FREE SPACE (your choice of anything not listed)

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