CLAW White Elephant Gift Exchange

by Corey Macourek

by Corey Macourek

This event is open to the public – all ages – and everyone is invited to attend and participate. If you bring children they might end up with a very odd gift more suitable for adults. I’m happy to say that this will be our fifth year of astonishing each other with truly absurd Christmas gifts. Now is your chance to re-gift that present your aunt gave you last year. Or maybe you bought something at a garage sale and your common sense kicked in when you go home, so it’s been living in the garage. Or maybe you found something that has the perfect “IT” factor for this event.
The ‘updated’ rules for the White Elephant Gift Exchange:

1. The gift must be “absurd”.
2. If you buy the gift, you must not spend more than $20.
3. You’re gift must be wrapped, or at the very least fully concealed in a festive bag.
4. Those who bring get to participate.
5. Numbers will be drawn from a fez to determine order.
6. You can select a gift from a table or steal a gift from a person who already chose a gift.
7. A gift can only be stolen three times, at which time it becomes locked-in.
8. The person who went first gets a chance at the end of the round to steal a gift.
9. The Trading, purchasing, bartering or auctioning of gifts after the exchange is allowed.
10. No books on Nazis.

In the event that there are extra gifts, they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. We take credit cards.

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2011’s White Elephant Gift Exchange

Last year you laughed so hard you nearly peed. You remember the terror of 2009. And you’ve been waiting all year for this magical, yet horrifying event. Yes! Once again it’s time for The CLAW’s Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange. Anybody is welcome. What do you need to bring? You don’t need to bring a gift to watch the spectacle. But this might be just the place to get rid of that ‘thing’ you loving aunt gave you last year.

This year the Four Eye Council, with support of the Talons of the CLAW, declare the White Elephant rules as:

1. Gifts, if new, should be less than $10.
2. Once a gift is taken of the table it MUST be unwrapped.
3. A gift can be stolen twice, and then it is locked in.
4. A person cannot steal the same gift twice.
5. You can only get a present if you bring a present.
6. You can bring more than one present.
7. Spare presents number will be awarded though a rock-paper-scissors competition by all who want to participate.

Date: Wednesday, Dec 7th 2011
Location: The Amocat Cafe, 625 Saint Helens Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402
Time: 7:30 p.m.

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CLAW’s Open Swim Tonight Features White Elephant Gift Exchange

"Robot gets Sweater" by Mark Monlux

\”Robot gets Sweater\” by Mark Monlux

The CLAW Open Swim is open to anyone who likes to draw cartoons, and hang out with the CLAW. In short membership is not a requirement for attendance. However, December’s Open Swim will require anyone attending to bring a gift for a White elephant gift exchange. You can bring even personalized fathers day gifts to surprise your father as it can create more memories.If you do not bring a personalized gift you will be scornfully kicked out with much derisive laughter and catcalls.

Rules for the White Elephant Gift Exchange:

1. The gift must be “absurd”.
2. If you buy the gift, you must not spend more than $20.

Upon arrival your thoughtfully wrapped gift will act as your ticket of admission. All gifts will then be placed on the gift table. Numbers will then be drawn. Participation will be in order of number drawn. The first up will have free choice from the table. They have the option of leaving their chosen gift wrapped. The following participants can choose to steal a gift from those before them, or take a gift from the table. Those who have a gift stolen from them can steal a different gift, or take a gift from the table. A gift can only be stolen three times. A gift cannot be stolen back from a previous owner. Once the exchange is completed all gifts that are still wrapped must be unwrapped. The Trading, purchasing, bartering or auctioning of gifts after the exchange is allowed.

Location: The Mandolin Café in Tacoma
Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2009
Time: 7:30 p.m.

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