Show and Tell: How To Draw Pretty Girls

pretty_girls Apparently these were big back in the 60’s; FAMOUS ARTISTS CARTOON COURSES! I discovered this website today which is happily scanning lots of vintage comics for our viewing delight.

So far my favorite post is HOW TO DRAW PRETTY GIRLS.  As somebody who struggled to draw pretty girls all though adolescence imagine my delight! These vintage drawing lessons even have real photographs of pretty girls incorporated into the lesson.  HOW TO DRAW THE MARVEL WAY, had nothing like that (Don’t get me wrong, I love HOW TO DRAW THE MARVEL WAY)!

Even so, other important CARTOON COURSES from the site I found interesting:

Hey while i’m sharing cool stuff I found on the internet, I recently RSS subscribed to a site called FFFFOUND! It is prettymuch a constant stream of inspirational design and photography.   It’s like but without the boring parts and updated every second.


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