Xmas Toon

A little Brill-Toon for the Holidays

A little Brill-Toon for the Holidays

Just a little toon so everyone will remember what the holidays are REALLY all about.  PRESENTS!  ^0^

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Tacomic Book Update

Being several months since the Tacoma Arts Commission formally announced their funding of my first TACOMIC BOOK, a collection of 100 of my editorial cartoon greatest hits, I thought I would check with this progress report:

Tolkien-Style Map of Tacoma for Tacomic Book

Any serious fantasy book needs a Tolkien-style map lurking somewhere round the table of contents. Click to enlarge the rough draft sketch of my Tacoma map (above).

Other items my book will include:

  1. Table of Contents – COMPLETE
  3. Map – IN PROGRESS
  4. Intentionally left blank pages – COMPLETE
  5. “Fun Facts” – NOT STARTED
  6. 100 of the best TACOMICS from 2007 – 2009 – NOT STARTED
  7. 1 page dedicated to the WORST TACOMICS – NOT STARTED
  8. Sampling of the best TACOMIC COMMENTS – NOT STARTED
  9. A behind the scene cartoonist statements – IN PROGRESS
  10. SPELLING + GRAMMAR corrections by Todd Mathews – IN PROGRESS
  11. Tide Tables + Venn Diagrams
  12. A complete set of Tacoma Action Figures – COMPLETE
  13. TBA, etc.

MEANWHILE, please enjoy the TACOMIC™ Political Cartoons every Tuesday Morning! Did you know you can get instant TACOMIC CARTOON updates via TWITTER?

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