Racist or Just Bad?

Cartoonist Sean Delonas has been accused of blatant racism for this cartoon which was printed this past Wednesday in the New York Post.


Liberals everywhere and even Republicans are wetting their pants calling this the most racist thing since Looney Toons, but is this really a racist piece. Surely, there is legitimate concern that this piece might accuse President Barack Obama of being Ape-like which would bring about a long history of racism towards black people, but does this cartoon really do that?

From a cartoonists point of view there is no indication that the ape is meant to represent Obama in any way. If it were, there would certainly be an attempt at resemblence on an indication through some symbol. But no, the cartoonist chose to draw and ape clearly. Even the dialogue doesn’t connect to Obama as he didn’t WRITE the stimulus bill, he signed it. What’s more is that this incident, in which a woman was recently attacked by a wild ape draws a clear parody attempt between the bill and the attack.

Funny, when people called Bush an ape it was hilarious and acute, but the slight suggestion that Obama’s policy is that of a crazied ape is racist. Sure, I understand the concern, and it’s great to see people stand out against racism, but this cartoonist doesn’t think such was the case.

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