May CLAW Meeting Digest

Will the Keeper of the Box call the secret meeting to order!

Keeper of the Box

[Gong – Gong – Gong]

Q: What Are Robots?
A: [redacted]

Q: Zombies Must Die!
A: [redacted]

Q: [clapping]
A: [redacted]

Please be seated!

RR Anderson and Shawn Clayton


  1. MEMBER ONLY + SPECIAL GUEST C.L.A.W. BBQ will be held at STOWE‘s house. Event will be combined with STOWE’s Meaties BBQ tournament. Weird vegetarian food will be served to space aliens who cannot process earth meat. If you would like to attend, contact your favorite CLAW member for secret location and time.
  2. CLAW VS. WORLD bowling challenge (canceled)
  3. CLAW subdomain member sites – ACTIVATED!  So far the only one in use is BOTFans by Honorable Botmaster Stowe. If you’re having trouble accessing your personal subdomain contact RR.
  4. NON PROFIT STATUS? – Monlux reports can’t find proper forms [whatever!!!].
  5. CLAW FACE BOOK GROUP – RR reports CLAW member RSS Feeds have been jammed in there for automatic member posts. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP!
  6. GOAL – post more AMAZING ITEMS on our CLAW blog! like This Guy!
  7. SHOW AND TELL – RR Anderson has acquired a THEME SONG for his television drawing show. Thanks Death by Stars!
  8. SHOW AND TELL – Mark Brill, STOWE both have new art blog/comic projects (see #6, #3)
  9. SHOW AND TELL – RR Anderson is still selling copies of his TACOMA POLITICAL CARTOON FUNNY BOOK!


Amocat Cafe is the Hub of Tacoma Creativity

CLAW cartoonists and several CLAW fans gathered at the AMOCAT CAFE to draw FEMALE VERSIONS of FAMOUS MALE TRANSFORMERS…

[please post pics.. most of mine turned out blurry]
[R2-Dcup2, not actually a Transformer Robot by Debivans?]

RR's Lady Transformer

[Kickback, Grasshopper Robot Transformer by RR]

CLAW Open Swim May 25 2011 #2
EVERYBODY who DRAWS votes…  and the grand winner is….

CLAW Open Swim May 25 2011 #1

MARK BRILL! NICK BUTTLER! JAMES STOWE! Right?  I think.  Please post your winning entries!



Stowe Draws Beloved Dockyard Derby Dame

Clear Channel President Olivia Lippens Hates the People of Tacoma

watch in REAL TIME on

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Secret Meeting Notes July 2010

Secret Meeting July

Meeting is called to order. SECRET CLAW OPENING RITUAL: What are Robots? Robots are Cool. Zombies Must Die! Shoot ’em in the head. [One CLAP] Ceci nes pas une pipe. [Rotate Self 3 Times]

Old Business

  1. CLAW vs. the World Bowling Challenge . . . ?
  2. Non Profit Status? Mark Monlux is much to busy to do the paperwork.

New Business

  1. Adopt Amocat as new Open Swim meeting space – RR tasked with talking our way in there.
  2. CLAW online store – So far only RR has posted anything
  3. STAN SHAW REPORT – motion to taunt professional Tacoma cartoonist Stan Shaw PASSED.
  4. Beautiful Angle Local Currency project – limbo. Motion to pester Lance exponentially in September PASSED.
  5. Tacoma Art Museum – members committed to July 31st CLAW team-up with Frost Park Community Chalk Militia to bring chalk art to dead concrete of TAM. Passed.
  6. Comics Page – Members discussed picking a day to post their comic strip. New members are still thinking of new strip ideas.
  7. Agreed to appear on PODCAST: Northwest Convergence Zone – Sunday July 25th at about 5PM?
  8. JUNIOR CLAW CADET NO. 12 to be voted in soon! Check out Shawn Clayton

Show and Tell

  • Mark Brill has a new gay-furrydom time travel comic out. UNBELIEVABLE + ASTONISHING!
  • Stowe gave a preview of his latest SCATS web comic
  • VEX zine is interested in a CLAW collaboration… RR brought in his VEX zine collection.  CLAW’S MESSAGE TO VEX: Show us the money! Minimum donation to CLAW Scholarship fund is $150.

Mark Monlux Side The Jinxmedic Side

SECRET CLAW CLOSING RITUAL: What are Robots? Robots are cool. Zombies must die! Shoot ’em in the head! [1 CLAP] Beware the flying monkeys.

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Secret Meeting Notes @ Urban Xchange

during our secret meeting we discussed…
  1. agreed that this Friday will be best to attend Buddy Holly play at TLT. some will be gathering to eat before the show, others will be meeting up at TLT right before the show.  Agreed that we will all wear fez.
  2. New pledge Michael ( )  has paid his $70 dollar membership fee. We have assigned him a size 7 fez from the box of props for him to attend the TLT show.  Be prepared for official initiation ceremony next OPEN SWIM. In the meantime please check out his website… the dude is like Leonardo da Vinci. Amazing.
  3. Elliot reaffirmed his idea of tacoma needing a CARTOONIST LAUREATE to compliment the POET LAUREATE program. Idea still needs development. How will Cartoonist Laureate interact with the community?
  4. talked of taking over all COMICS on creating tacoma’s first online-bottom up-anarchy-newspaper comics page in Tacoma as most of us already produce (semi)weekly strips.  RR will follow up with Kevin to see the best way to go about this…  could be as easy as collecting a bunch of RSS feeds together and the cartoonist adding a keyword tag like ‘tacoma’ to their respective blog/webcomic whathaveyou.  Need to check with Mark Monlux though to get his thoughts how he feels about this. My personal thoughts are in an age when traditional newspapers are shrinking their comics pages, this could be a big F.U. to the universe–which makes me happy.
  5. [ANONYMOUS TACOMA ACTIVIST] stopped in to share feelings that Tacoma is really hurting for an alternative/underground publication zine that young people would be interested in. Something with lots of comics and a place where alternative music venues can share events.  Perhaps side 2 of CLAW zine?  [ANONYMOUS] expressed that local biz get zip in return for expensive ads in [TITLE(s) REDACTED]…   shared a flier that Sean Alexander (previously of helm gallery) put together where he illustrated all advertising.  Maybe biz could pay cartoonists to illustrate ad in zine…?  Who knows exact details..  But  [ANONYMOUS] wanted to bring to our attention as creative creator types developing a publication that there is a niche market right here in Tacoma that is dying to be tapped into.  to recap:  young people with money aren’t reading local publications because all lame.  Biz owners don’t want to buy ads in publications that young people with money aren’t going to read.  ???
  6. report on back room of Urban Xchange as meeting place for CLAW:  owner is super nice, back  room sexy but hot, fez gets sweaty. unsatisfactory table space for drawing.   Next steps?  Check status of Mandolin?  Stowe: Check with Comic Book Ink,  tables in back might be good for open swim.  Anyone check comments here?
    looks like a member of the pythian knights lodge invited us to have meetings at pythian temple downtown.  Maybe somebody can follow up with him?
  7. Talk of end of the year CLAW awards dinner. Naturally we would need to consume food that had claws..the lobster for example.  We all painted visuals of such an evening with the wacom stylus of the imagination.

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