Mark Monlux Receives Tacoma Artists Initiative Funds

The Tacoma Arts Commission recently awarded $255,000 to nine Tacoma-based arts organizations through its Arts Anchor Fund program, and $40,000 to 16 Tacoma artists through its Tacoma Artists Initiative Program. The Arts Anchor Fund program awards range in value from $20,000 to $35,000 each, and the Tacoma Artists Initiative Program awards are $2,500 each. Funding for both programs is for the 2013-14 biennium.

“The arts are an important economic driver and community builder for Tacoma, and assist in building our cultural identity,” said Robin Echtle, chair of the Tacoma Arts Commission. “Organizations and artists funded reflect and strengthen the rich diversity of arts and cultural experiences happening throughout Tacoma.”

Arts Anchor Fund Program Awards

The 2013-2014 Arts Anchor Fund program award recipients are: Hilltop Artists, Museum of Glass, Northwest Sinfonietta, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Tacoma Opera, Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, Tacoma Youth Symphony Association and The Grand Cinema.

In 2012, these nine organizations served 462,539 people, provided free admission to 76,021 people, and generated an estimated $8.82 million for the local economy.

The Tacoma Arts Commission established the Arts Anchor Fund program in 1995 to provide financial support to major local not-for-profit arts organizations that significantly improve the quality of life for Tacoma. These arts organizations serve Tacoma’s community through regularly scheduled performances, exhibits and events, and school and outreach programs.

Tacoma Artists Initiative Program Awards

The 2013-2014 Tacoma Artists Initiative Program funded artists are: Sean Alexander, Carla Barragan, Bill Colby, Alice Di Certo, Kyle Dillehay, David Domkoski, Oliver Doriss, Josie Emmons Turner, Sarah Gilbert, Erin Guinup, Meghan Mitchell, Mark Monlux, Kat Ogden, Scott Scoggin, Erik Steighner and Noah Struthers.

Funded Tacoma Artists Initiative Program projects include the choreography and production of a contemporary dance piece, creation and exhibition of two- and three-dimensional art, direction of a theatrical production, performance and recording of music, production and screening of a film, public reading of poetry, and production of whiteboard animation videos.

The Tacoma Artists Initiative Program was established in 1999 to assist artists with the generation of new work, and to share their talent with the public in a free and accessible format.

The Arts Anchor Fund program and Tacoma Artists Initiative Program are two of three funding programs administered by the Tacoma Arts Commission. For a complete listing of funding programs and information about the Tacoma Arts Commission, visit

Monlux reports, “The title of my project is “© PSA RSA”.”

RSA is an acronym for The Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts. It was via the RSA that “Whiteboard Animation” was developed. The status of the RSA has led its acronym to be widely-used eponymy for “Whiteboard Animation.” Whiteboard Animation differs from traditional animation, as it’s a video, usually informative in nature, in which a human hand drawing cartoons, text and other graphics on a whiteboard is accompanied by narration.

My goal is to create two one-minute RSAs, Public Service Announcements on Copyright, specifically on two issues:
1. The difference between “having” and “filing” a copyright.
2. How an artist’s copyright is not sold with the physical work.
This is an era in which intellectual property is quickly becoming more valuable, even as it is infringed upon, and at a higher rate than previously. These public service announcements would be informative and useful to the general public, as we all have a desire to create.

I’m going to provide updates as this project progresses on this website. These postings will be announced via Twitter and Facebook. The stages currently blocked out:

1. Writing the scripts
2. Storyboards
3. Capturing the narration of the script
4. Music composition
5. Capturing the visual elements
6. Editing narration and visuals together
7. Premier announcement of video
8. Permanent post of video

I’m very excited to be doing this project. I appreciate all of the kind support I’ve received. And I hope you will enjoy being part of the process.

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New Flying Monkey T-shirt!

Flying Monkey Art by James Stowe, Color by Anique Zimmer

Flying Monkey Art by James Stowe, Color by Anique Zimmer

The CLAW is proud to announce it’s new Flying Monkey T-shirt!

This daring red shirt with looming black ink will exhibit on your chest the amazing artwork of James Tiberius Stowe. This Flying Monkey design was first shown to the public during Tacoma’s 2012 Wayzgoose celebration, where four rare steamroller prints were made. The CLAW is answering the public’s demand for this design by put on t-shirts!

But wait! There’s more! You can order your shirt in ANY size today! That’s right! You can order a Child’s Medium, a Woman’s Small, A Man’s 4X & Tall. But you must order before Noon Friday! That’s when the order gets phoned into the printer so that we will have these shirts in time to sell at the Emerald City Comic Con (Artists Alley Table F-10). As our thank you for your pre-order shipping will be FREE! (within the USA and Canada). Shirts are $20 for sizes Children, Women, and Men’s sizes Small through 2XL. Shirts larger than that, or with or in combination with talls will be between $3 and $5 more. Please contact Mark Monlux for price specifics.

To order your shirt simple send a PayPal payment to for the amount of $20. Be sure to include your t-shirt size request, your shipping address, and a phone number. If you would like to pay directly by credit card directly, or if you have an off-size order, you can call Mark Monlux at (253) 471-0820 and he will take your order.

Deadline for Pre-orders is Noon, Friday, February 8th 2013. Special sizes options for Children, Women, Tall, and combination Tall sizes will not be available after the deadline. Please share this post with your friends.

Profits from CLAW shirts go to the CLAW Student Scholarship Fund.

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Mark Monlux gets featured on Seattle’s Evening Magazine

This interview came about because of The C.L.A.W.! I first met Saint Bryan, a fellow Tacomanite, at last year’s 24 Hour Comic Challenge. If you recall The CLAW was doing a combination fundraiser for Comic Book Ink and The CLAW Student Scholarship Fund. Saint made a donation and he received on of the brown bag cards, which happened to have some of my art on it. I was drawing How to have a Table at a Comic Book Convention and we chatted for a bit. I would later run into him at ZomBcon where he would get a chance to see my book and other stuff. It was then he asked me if I would be willing to draw some pictures for an interview. We did the filming back in December. I want to thanks Comic Book Ink for being a backdrop to for some of that interview.

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