Local Currency: Beautiful Angle, CLAW announce POWER TEAM-UP

Life Partners Tom and Lance Witness Initiation Ritual

Talons of the C.L.A.W. were invited into the secret underground lair of seminal wheat-paste duo BEAUTIFUL ANGLE for an initial letter press team social and discovery project meeting–the project being namely LOCAL CURRENCY.  Morgan Alexander, owner of the AMOCAT CAFE has already signed up to be the first Tacoma business to accept this new money (read his Local Currency blog post here).

But first, A quick initiation ritual…

Secret CLAW Meeting at Beautiful Angle Command Center

Special thanks to team Beautiful Angle for use of their handsome garden!

CLAW member 13 initiation Ritual

Please welcome DEBIVANS, NEW MEMBER NO. 13

And now for a never before seen, behind the scenes, underground tour of the Beautiful Angle letterpress studio…

CLAW visits Beautiful Angle Underground Lair

Talons of CLAW awestruck by the intricate vintage machines..

Lance and Tom of Beautiful Angle invented “ART” in Tacoma, they have no problem showing us how it’s done.

Lance Demonstrates Ways to Injure Oneself with Letterpress

Stowe has a go. “Keep your fez tassel out of those gears!” Bellows Lance.

Stowe Works the Ancient Letterpress

Soon the tiny cave is filled with the latest ‘adult themed’ Beautiful Angle poster.

Top Secret Beautiful Angle Posters (Not CLAW)

Extended viewing BONUS photo albums!

  1. Mark Monlux candid photography
  2. Adam M. Botsford’s flash powder camera (via Mark Monlux)
  3. Adam M. Botsford original super-candid photography

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