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LIVE from CLAW Studios, This is special FEBRUARY 2018 coverage of South Puget Sound cartoon news and events! This is action news reporter RR Anderson, your eye on the street and your ear to the door. First up: DESTINY CITY ZINE SYMPOSIUM poster is complete I hope you enjoy…

SCHOLARSHIP: Did you know The CLAW likes to give money away for free to young illustrators of the future? Do you like to draw and are you a college art student? APPLY NOW!  DUE March 15th! STAY TUNED FOR DEADLINE EXTENSIONS!

CARTOONISTS WANTED: Our own benevolent force for good, Sonics Guy, spotted this add in the The Tacoma Weekly, I’ve sent in my samples and so should you idle reader!

CLAW COMICS NEWSPAPER: Members voted unanimously to start self-publishing a daily semi-monthly CLAW ARTIST GUILD (aka the group formerly known as the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians) Newspaper.  Original articles! Original Comics! Scholarship/Artshow updates! You name it, it will be in there and friends, it will be glorious… like the burning starships off the shoulder of Orion..



CLAW presents Artist’s Best Business Practices!

FEB 28 AT KINGS BOOKS… Jennevieve Schlemmer reporting on the scene from king 5 helicopter:Join CLAW and panel host Jennevieve Schlemmer for an informative and fun panel about what it takes to be a working artist. We will cover best practices for creating a schedule, finding consistency, pricing your work, balancing your books, motivating yourself, and creating your own creative community.  Panel includes amazing local artists Mindy Barker, Michaela Eaves, Steve Garvin, and Mark Monlux. Mindy Barker is a muralist who wrangles color and wrangles lines. All for, what she likes to call, “my interventions of urban spaces’. Michaela Eaves currently focuses on graphite illustrations where animals and creatures cross paths with fairy tales. Occasionally, some of these turn into watercolor and gouache paintings or books. Five years ago, Steve Garvin left corporate accounting to rediscover his creative side. Today, he’s a rebranding expert who helps creative thinkers plan a business they love by tapping into their hidden gold. Mark Monlux, Grand PooBah of Monlux Illustration, is freelance illustrator with decades of experience. Since 1985 his art had been on everything from magazines to ice cream cartons. He’s currently doing a lot of graphic recording, storyboarding and whiteboard videos.“  Thanks Jennevieve!


STAN! SAYS: “I don’t know if it counts as newsworthy, but I continue to do my Today’s Doodle sketch-blog 5 days a week via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stannex/ I co-created a cartooning game show called “Dungeons & Doodles” for the Official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel. It currently happens about once a month as part of their “Dragon+” program. There have been two episodes so far. Episode 1: https://youtu.be/ifj31wvPaU0 Episode 2: https://youtu.be/KpbmkUfsaO8

RR Anderson: COMICS GRINDER was kind enough to feature/review my Tinkertopia Comics on their Seattle blog! Did you know TINKERTOPIA has a digital newsletter? You can subscribe by emailing rerun@tinkertopia.com with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line! ALSO ALSO, did you know we now have a print edition newsletter? Stop by the shop to pick up a copy!

Laurence Erhardt: this Claw member qualified to join phi theta kappa.

and now here is Corey Macourek with your moment of zen..

Three Second Something: 25 Shoe from Corey Macourek on Vimeo.

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WHAT: Greetings True Believers! Long rainy nights have you longing for sunshine and sidewalk chalk? Fret not! Members of the Cartoonist League of Absurd Washingtonians are mustering for the first ever indoor competitive sidewalk chalk challenge!  FREE CHALK will be provided via the Frost Park Community Chalk Box Mobile Stockpile.


Slabs of conceptual concrete will be distributed to each contestant via generous donation of black chalk drawing boards (Which you get to keep! While supplies last) via Tinkertopia–Tacoma’s most beloved Alt. Art Supply & Creative Reuse Center!  Each chalk entry shall be voted upon and prizes won!  Theme for the Chalk challenge shall be: “FOR THE LOVE OF MYTHOS: FANTASTIC MOMENTS IN ALT. HISTORY”

WHEN: 7:30 pm, February 24th 2016 A.D.

WHERE: Kings Books–Tacoma’s Most Beloved Reuse Book Center!
218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98402

WHO: You, and your Friendly Neighborhood Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians.

WHY: Because it is there.

RSVP on FB event page!

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