2011’s White Elephant Gift Exchange

Last year you laughed so hard you nearly peed. You remember the terror of 2009. And you’ve been waiting all year for this magical, yet horrifying event. Yes! Once again it’s time for The CLAW’s Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange. Anybody is welcome. What do you need to bring? You don’t need to bring a gift to watch the spectacle. But this might be just the place to get rid of that ‘thing’ you loving aunt gave you last year.

This year the Four Eye Council, with support of the Talons of the CLAW, declare the White Elephant rules as:

1. Gifts, if new, should be less than $10.
2. Once a gift is taken of the table it MUST be unwrapped.
3. A gift can be stolen twice, and then it is locked in.
4. A person cannot steal the same gift twice.
5. You can only get a present if you bring a present.
6. You can bring more than one present.
7. Spare presents number will be awarded though a rock-paper-scissors competition by all who want to participate.

Date: Wednesday, Dec 7th 2011
Location: The Amocat Cafe, 625 Saint Helens Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402
Time: 7:30 p.m.

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