Mark Monlux gets featured on Seattle’s Evening Magazine

This interview came about because of The C.L.A.W.! I first met Saint Bryan, a fellow Tacomanite, at last year’s 24 Hour Comic Challenge. If you recall The CLAW was doing a combination fundraiser for Comic Book Ink and The CLAW Student Scholarship Fund. Saint made a donation and he received on of the brown bag cards, which happened to have some of my art on it. I was drawing How to have a Table at a Comic Book Convention and we chatted for a bit. I would later run into him at ZomBcon where he would get a chance to see my book and other stuff. It was then he asked me if I would be willing to draw some pictures for an interview. We did the filming back in December. I want to thanks Comic Book Ink for being a backdrop to for some of that interview.

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