CLAW at Wayzgoose Update

CLAW Wayzgoose Design
Mark Monlux visited RR Anderson at the Holistic Forge Works compound today to begin work on the wayzgoose steamroller print design (photographed above, design courtesy of digital mastermind James Stowe).  With the opaque projection photo/transfer process a success, RR Anderson and Mark Monlux began carving their respective quadrants.

“We made good progress” exclaimed an exacerbated RR Anderson half buried under a pile of linoleum shavings, “It was hard to keep up with Monlux, a seasoned freelancer. The man is a meticulous powerhouse when it comes to results-oriented tasks. Even so, I look forward to working with Electric Elliot and Stowe at the HFW industrial compound.  We’re on target to meeting our March 1st Deadline. No worries.”

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