CLAW April 2016 Status Report

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Greetings to all the C.L.A.W.’s watchers, followers, friends and disturbed on-lookers!  It’s April and that means showers and taxes and Fools!  But it also means that the C.L.A.W. will be participating in the annual Wayzgoose Letterpress and Book Arts Festival hosted by King’s Books on St. Helens in lovely downtown Tacoma!  It’s a wonderful celebration of printing and Tacoma artists and creators, and of course, people playing with a steamroller!  The C.L.A.W. is scheduled for a Sunday (actually the 1st of May) steamroller time, so come out and watch us smash out our tribute to Tacoma’s own futurist, Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune saga as well as many other classic tomes from the heyday of science fiction!  The event is 2 days, April 30th and May 1st, so come on down and enjoy the merry-making and print-making!
A few days before that, on Wednesday the 27th will be the monthly C.L.A.W. Open Swim meeting!  This event will also be taking place at the traditional site of King’s Books!  Yes, we hang out at King’s Books a lot!  The meeting is, as the name suggests, open to the public!  Come down at 7:30 that evening to hang out with cartoonists, draw absurd things and meet local celebrities…like R.R. Anderson and Mark Monlux and James Stowe–all founders of the Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians!  If you have no earthly idea who they might be, now’s the time to drop by and find out!!
Oh, just thought I should mention, as an afterthought…there’s a little comicbook orientated convention happening in Seattle this month as well.  Just an intimate affair, hardly worth noticing, but just in case you might be interested, a few C.L.A.W. members will be there to give it some heft (well, the ones that could get tables anyway.)  The name of this little gathering escapes me at the moment, but it takes place at the Seattle Convention Center from Thursday the 7th until Sunday the 10th.  Emerald…something something ComiCon.  Anyway, check it out if you haven’t got anything important to do.  ^0^
Until next month my friends!  Keep noodling and doodling!

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