24 Hour Comic Day

The 24 Hour Comic is a challenging marathon for comic book artists. In the span of 24 hours artists must conceive, write, draft, sketch, ink and finish a 24 page comic book. This creative challenge has grown in popularity among artists and is participated in across the nation on Saturday, October 23, 2009. When the CLAW approached John Munn, owner of Comic Book Ink, there was immediate enthusiasm,  “We’ve always wanted to host a 24 hour comic.” Says John, “It was only a matter of finding some victi…uh…local brilliant cartoonists with stamina wanting to participate.”

24 Hour Comic Day is a great time for folks to actually meet and talk to artists while they are working on a project. And the CLAW is using this event as an opportunity to seek out contributors to the CLAW’s Student Scholarship Fund. “One of the reasons we started CLAW was to establish a scholarship, however meager, for art students interested in comics and cartooning.” says Mark Monlux, one of the CLAW founders, Fern Hill resident, and award-winning illustrator. “Those of us who draw know just how tight finances can be for someone who is just starting to learn their craft. Besides tuition and books there is the ever-increasing price of art supplies. Our goal is to help out with relieving some of that burden, even if it’s only a few dollars.”

If you or your business want to contribute to the CLAW’s Student Scholarship Fund you have a few options available to you. Contributors of $100 or more become official sponsors and get their logo or photo posted on the CLAW’s website, along with a hotlink to their website. Contributions can be made…

1. Contact Mark Monlux at 253-471-0820
2. Online through Pay-Pal using the email address of markmonlux@comcast.net. Be sure to add in the optional comment window CLAW Scholarship along with your phone number to confirm contribution.
3. Mail checks made out to Mark Monlux and post to CLAW Scholarship Fund c/o Mark Monlux, P.O. Box 12072, Tacoma, WA 98412.

Currently we are only accepting moola for the scholarship fund. While merchandise like t-shirts, etc. is cool and all, it doesn’t pay tuition.