No. 20 Travis Bundy (Ret.)


Travis Bundy was born into the fragrant cultural void known in 1978 as Tacoma, WA. He has since spread his wings and moved all the way to “Fry Bread Hell” (i.e. Auburn, WA). When not toiling under the boot of “the man” he spends his time watching movies, attending festivals devoted to fermented grain and fruit, and getting quality time with his lovely wife, 4 cats, and 2 retarded dogs.

Here is a short list of his favorite things: expensive libations, comics, absurd violence on film, midgets who fall off stuff, the show “Small Wonder”, guys who still rock mullets and eat burritos way fast, pictures of monkeys in human clothes, vomit, Adam West’s voice when I’m slipping off to sleep, a good hangin’, Kurt “Bad-Ass Mofo” Russell, people who use words like “hither” and “thither”, da blues, games that end with someone knocking over the playing board and yelling “Fuck you AND the bank, Grandma!”, college football, rockin’ out with my cockin’ out, evil, weaves that are “unbe-weave-able”, the color four, posses of clowns who may or may not have mental issues, cheese on bread in all its forms, the way my sweat tastes, eagles firing machine guns, turkey sammiches, Alan Moore, the title song of “The Banana Splits”, controlled chaos, the collected works of David Lynch – except the weird stuff, finishing my veggies, the 1st Contra game, crumpets, Star Wars, CHUDs and… the ladies.

But he does know what is best in life:
1. Crush your enemies.
2. See them driven before you.
3. Hear the lamentation of their women.

Now that you know more about the man… the myth.. the legend, you can ask him to draw funny pictures for you.

Though I mostly do comics, here are some prints that I’ll be selling at Emerald City Comic Con on March 1-3. All proceeds go to promote / produce indie comics. Check out more at or  More soon!


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