24 Hour Comic Book Challenge – at Tacoma Games

"24 Hour Comic Book Challenge" by Corey Macourek

“24 Hour Comic Book Challenge” by Corey Macourek

The CLAW invites you to come and watch them draw during the 24 Hour Comic Challenge at Tacoma Games. Participating artists must write, layout, and ink a 24 for page comic in 24 Hours. This will be the 5th Year CLAW has participated in the 24 Hour Comic Challenge. It has become a tradition for those who provide donations, and much needed protein [too much sugary donuts and there’s sugar crash], become drawn into the various comic strips. James Stowe will be broadcasting the event via his laptop. This is one of the CLAW’s fundraisers for the CLAW Student Scholarship Fund. You can donate in person or online at the CLAW’s website. Our host this year is Tacoma Games – at their new location. The event starts at 10am Saturday and will run to 10am Sunday. Space for participating artists is limited, so if you would like to join in the challenge contact Mark Monlux to RSVP table space. For safety reasons the doors will be locked from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am, a call to a friend inside will gain you admittance. For updates as they happen please look to the CLAW’s Facebook Page.

Starting Time: Saturday, October 4th, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. sharp.
Location: Tacoma Games at their new digs… 2509 6th Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98406

Donations of all amounts are accepted. Amounts of $100 or more reach Sponsor status which gives them a logo and a hotlink on our CLAW Student Scholarship page.

If for some reason the donate button is not working. Use your own paypal account to email the payment to markmonlux@comcast.net with a notation that it’s for The CLAW.


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24 Hour Comics Day 2012 – Marathon Endurance Drawing

Saturday October 20th, 2012 A.D. 10:30 AM


Sunday October 21st, 2012 A.D. 10:30 AM

Nerdy Stuffs will be hosting, its very first 24 HOUR COMICS DAY event, on October 20th! Starting at 10:30 AM, we challenge you to create a full 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours!

That means everything: Story, finished art, lettering, color (if applicable), paste-up, everything! You can create your comics traditionally or even digitally, we have outlets for those of you who are tech savy!

Join us for 24 HOUR COMICS DAY! We are now taking sign ups for table space, at the store!


115 176th St S
Spanaway, Washington 98387


Can YOU Do it? CAN YOU Create a COMPLETE COMIC BOOK in Only 24 Hours?!

The CLAW assembled

That is the Question that Spanaway, Washington’s NERDY STUFFS is Challenging the Members of C.L.A.W. (the Cartoonists’ League of Absurd Washingtonians), and YOU, to try and accomplish SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th! Starting at 10:30am THIS Saturday and Continuing ALL DAY ..into THE NIGHT..and Straight on until the NEXT MORNING on Sunday, October 21st at 10:30am…That’s right, 24 HOURS!

“This is our 1st Year issuing the challenge,” said store manager, CARMEN MELENDEZ, “And our Homegrown Heroes, the Members of C.L.A.W., are being dared to Return to the Challenge that FOUR of them COMPLETED last year at Comic Book Ink…and we challenge them to bring even more of their numbers. And when I say, ‘Return to the Callenge’, it means we are hoping for the chance to put them on public display creating comics while continuing to be absurd. Every year, C.L.A.W. uses this event to promote their SCHOLARSHIP FUND and we know they will ARISE to the challenge!”

Whistler's Monlux #24hcd

C.L.A.W. uses this event as an opportunity to seek out Contributors to C.L.A.W.’s Student Scholarship Fund. “One of the reasons we started C.L.A.W. was to establish a Scholarship, however meager, for Art Students interested in Comics and Cartooning,” said MARK MONLUX, one of the founders of C.L.A.W., resident of Fern Hill and Award-Winning Illustrator. “Those of us who draw know just how tight finances can be for someone who is just starting to learn their craft. Besides tuition and books, there is the ever-increasing price of art supplies. Our Goal is to help out with relieving some of the burden, even if its only a few dollars.”


24 HOUR COMICS DAY All Starts with a Challenge!!

The 24 HOUR COMICS CHALLENGE is for a Cartoonist to completely create a 24 Page Comics Story in 24 Straight Hours. A “24 Hour Comic” is any comic story that you make while facing the challenge…even if you take more than 24 consecutively-awake hours to make the comic or if you end after the 24 hours with a story that shorter than 24 pages.

Is this really the best way to make a great comic?

Probably not (although some really cool comics have been made this way), but that is not the real goal. The goal is to have the experience of trying. It’s a creative exercise that can teach you a lot about what you are capable of.

Who came up with the “Concept” of the 24 HOUR COMIC?

A cartoonist named SCOTT McCLOUD. Scott is the leading theoretician in the comics field. A position he achieved with the release of “Understanding Comics” an analysis of the comics form. Head on over to www.ScottMcCloud.com to learn more about Scott and his Insights!

How many 24 HOUR COMICS have been done?

Over 1000 people have taken the challenge so far worldwide. Just last year, Comic Book Ink hosted 19 People for the Challenge. This is the first year Nerdy Stuffs will host the event.


It’s a Celebration of the Creation of Comics. The first event was held in 2004.

Are YOU up to the CHALLENGE? Join us this Saturday at 10:30am or come in and witness the spectacle and cheer on our challengers!!

Who knows…we might have a few late night surprises for you…

The winners!

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Post 24hcd Secret Meeting Notes

24 Hour Comic Day Report – Status AWESOME!


Of the Competing CLAW talons ALL members met the challenge to complete 24 pages in 24 hours!

  1. Larry (aka Thorax O’Tool) – [pages not live?]
  3. Stowe + Kevin – Wango the Wallaby: Trouble in Console Town 
  4. Mark Monlux – Stickman’s Tips for Having A Table at a Comic Book Convention
  5. Michael Daley – Insomnia Bites
  6. Mark Brill – The Mad Man from Planet Zatar!

Check out the finished comics linked above. These are truly dark economic times for the friends of CLAW so donations to our Young Cartoonist of the Future Scholarship fund not as frequent this year… but all the more special, which brings our grand total up into the $500’s. Thank you so much for your donations!  If you showed up to the event and made a donation, you got to take home one of these incredible mystery monkey tile original artworks:

24 Hour Comic Day 2011 #16

24 Hour Comic Day 2011 #16

24 Hour Comic Day 2011 #09

24 Hour Comic Day 2011 #07

Extra-extra thanks to Mr and Mrs. Izenmania who showered us with delicious home-made baked goods. Godamnit I love these people so much. Just look at these young patriots, they love freedom and well fed cartoonists…

24 Hour Comic Day 2011 #14

see how happy I am?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cartoonist #24hcd


THANK YOU STAFF OF COMIC BOOK INK! the power of the universe flows through you all!


CLAW is considering formation of a sub-support group within our body of Cartoonists specifically for Cartoon/Comic-strip writers.  Here is what we have so far:

  • Writers who join the CLAW would be known as Quills.
  • Their dues would be $60 a year, not $70
  • They would not have a vote.
  • They would be judged on their body of work in which they have shown actual collaboration with a cartoonist.
  • They can only be sponsored by cartoonist, or a sponsor would be appointed for them via the four eyes if they pass four-eye assessment.
  • Four eyes will determine the leader of the quills, just as all leadership is determined by the four-eyes.
  • The leader of the quills will be given the title of Alpha, and regarding duration of leadership, will follow the same rules as the other leaders of the CLAW. Past Alpha will be referred to as Omega.
  • Letters will be assigned Quills. There can only be one Alpha symbol worn, Omega’s can wear their symbol as long as their members.
  • It’s suggested that Quills would wear berets instead of fez.

NEXT CLAW Sketchbook Open Swim

Theme: “Halloweenie!”  at Amcat Café @ 7:30 pm on October 20th, 2011 (Third Thursday)

Robot Overlord CLAW T-shirts

Mark Brill Shirt Ideas

(coming soon)


  • Drawing dragons for First Night  event
  • Winterfest event at Tacoma Art Museum (december)
  • Friend of CLAW nominations
  • Yearly Changing of the Four Eye council ritual at Knights of Pythias Temple
  • New Members: Michael Daley and Britton Sukys!

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