March for Life 2018

March 4th, 2018 by RR Anderson

NEW FEATURE: CLAW President’s Column…

Do we need a catchy title? I say no.

Welcome to the CLAW QUARTERLY, the new printed space for the CLAW artist guild of all that is wacky, art, comic, and prose related, and good in this world.
Why printed? Why not a blog or fleeting Instagram story like all the cool kids? I’ll give you several reasons. Those “stories” that are all the rage on social media right now exist for one reason only: to make you check online more often. Because they disappear, they create a sense of urgency for the users. You aren’t feeling pleasure when you catch a live Facebook feed; you are feeling relief that you haven’t missed out on something inextricably linked to all the fake perfect people you see in social media… CATCH THE REST ONLY IN THE PRINT EDITION OF CLAW QUARTERLY!  PS: New Newsletter Print Edition coming soon!


CLAW Young Illustrator/Cartoonist of the Future Scholarship: Deadline for applications is MARCH 15th (with customary deadline extension to be announced) Download application form here! Washington students only please!


February “WORKING ARTIST BEST PRACTICES” was a triumphant success with over 20 people in attendance. Big thanks to our guest panelists (pictured left to right)

Mindy Barker is a muralist who wrangles color and wrangles lines. All for, what she likes to call, “my interventions of urban spaces’.

Five years ago, Steve Garvin left corporate accounting to rediscover his creative side. Today, he’s a rebranding expert who helps creative thinkers plan a business they love by tapping into their hidden gold.

Michaela Eaves currently focuses on graphite illustrations where animals and creatures cross paths with fairy tales. Occasionally, some of these turn into watercolor and gouache paintings or books.

huge thanks to our CLAW President Jennevieve Schlemmer for putting this together, A+ panel host services too! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: ADVENTURE BOOK OF STRONG WOMEN by Jennevieve Schlemmer now on Kickstarter!


On the heels of our recent Artists Best Practices panel, we’ve asked Local mega-success “Creative with Clay” artist Charan Sachar to be subject to a brief presentation and Q&A session about marketing tips for creative types. Build an audience! Sell art before it’s even dry! He will show you the secrets! UP NEXT at KINGS BOOKS March 28th 7:30 pm

zine symposium at Destiny City Comics MARCH 10TH!!!

Member Show And Tell… COME SEE many CLAW members this weekend at ECCC! Or you may have already did that at the time of this reading.. OKAY!

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