September “Fax Machine” Winner

October 8th, 2013 by MarkMonlux

The Game of “Fax Machine” is played like this. Person #1 writes a description. This description is handed to person #2 who does their best to draw the description. There are a few rules. The drawer must not write the words of their description in the drawing. There is a time limit of one minute to complete the drawing. The game ends when the ‘fax’ returns to its originator. The winner is determined by how closely last image resembles the original message. The prize is granted to the originator of the ‘fax’.

Original description: The Titanic in the desert.

Which was drawn as:


Interpreted as: The Titanic crashing in a desert.

Drawn as:


Interpreted as: J. Cameron’s “Titanic” staged on-location in the Gobi Desert

Drawn as:


Interpreted as: Filming of the Titanic

Drawn as:


Interpreted as: James Cameron’s film “Titanic

Drawn as:


Interpreted as: Filming a scene from Titanic

Drawn as:


Interpreted by the originator as: James Cameron Directing Titanic

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