Secret Meeting Notes: Stowe Quest

Something is not right…  The council of the FOR EYES is concerned that Stowe has repeatedly not worn his maroon issue CLAW fez.

Mark Brill's fine paper craft robot fez

What can we do about this fellows? The Fez of shame has had no effect. We require a QUEST OF WORTHINESS!

CLAW secret meeting at Comic Book Ink

Harrumph! Harrumph!

Stowe completes quest

Stowe is sent on a quest to bring the members of CLAW chocolate candy.

Stowe mid purchase

To safeway!

Stowe's spirits are high

Purchase completed. Quest objects obtained. Let’s see that receipt.

Electric Elliot is skeptical

“Perhaps you will not be so keen to forget your FEZ in the future comrade Stowe.” Says a skeptical Electric Elliot.

Quest booty

Come let us return to the lair.

Stowe completes quest

Stowe is redeemed.

IN OTHER NEWS: planning end of the year council succession ceremony. Electric Elliot and RR Anderson are stepping down from the Council. Stay Tuned!

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