Comic Critic by Mark Monlux: Next Frost Park Chalk Off Sponsor

Comic Critic

[fig. 1: comic critic by Mark Monlux – Book of Movie Reviews in Cartoon Format]

From his announcement on

I would like to announce that I, the grand and glorious Mark Monlux, will be sponsoring next week Chalk Challenge.

FIRST PRIZE will be a signed and personalized copy of my first book (fig. 1).

SECOND PRIZE will be the sloppy seconds Princess Leia Bobblehead.

bobble head prize

It’s true I coveted the Princess Leia Bobblehead and, after beating Adam the Alien in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to break our tie, I enjoyed taking her home. But it just hasn’t worked out between us. Rather than enjoying her on the shelf, I’ve been keeping her in a bag behind the fireplace. In all honesty, she is just a wee bit creepy. So she will be up on the block next week as second place.


12 – 1 PM, 9th and Commerce St. Downtown Tacoma!

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