CLAW does 100 Monkey Photo Diary

Some favorite photos from the 100 Monkey party courtesy of war photographer Derek Tong, huckster RR Anderson and Friend of CLAW Kevin F. Remembering the times. Oh, the times! (click to view larger img)

Mr. Stowe, Mark 9 and Mrs. Stowe

Purchase original cartoon mystery art!


RR Anderson is going to pump you up!


Mark Monlux can’t control his mind!


Stowe is merry


Ms. Stowe is kind


Business is brisk!


Derek and RR discuss photography in the field


Mr. Fusion wins hearts and minds


Jinxmedic and Jr. CLAW Cadet


Electric Elliot is a true patriot.


“I love cartooning!” ~ Anonymous


Mark Brill, Winner of Best Fez People’s Choice


Anique can’t stop drawing!


Adam M. Botsford owns the mean streets




Thorax O’ Tool aka Larry (Government Informant)

Stowe does 100 Monkey

Stowe Signage

Ms. Darcy Drinking Away Her Troubles

Ms. Darcy enjoys drinking

100 Monkey Crowd

“Look at all these awesome cartoon fans!”

JinxMedic Dressed for Success

Art is selling like hot cakes!

Adam the Alien UFO Encounter

Adam the Alien doing his thing

Ms. Fusion

Ms. Fusion, bowler roadie

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Save the 100 Monkey, Eat the 100 Monkey

YOU have a modest chance to own one of these simple doodles FOR ONLY $4 DOLLARS; thanks in part to the generous altruistic nature of once City Council Appointee Applicant, Political Cartoonist and Professional Male Model RR ANDERSON, in glorious MONOCHROME!  Drawn, as it would appear, with his feet using a prismacolor marker. You cannot possibly criticize his whimsical (read: naive) drawing style because it’s HIS street-cred style.  RR Anderson is a celebrity, so what you’re really buying here with your $4 dollars is buying-into the brand or life-style-choice philosophy of this gritty-Tacoma artist… not necessarily a “quality” art piece because “quality” is relative and all part of your perspective and so what i’m really saying is you are an asshole if you compare these drawing to the other CLAW cartoonists who have trained for years with pen and ink renderings. That’s just not what the idea of RR Anderson  is about man.

Subversive 100 monkey Tiles

Subversive 100 monkey Tiles

Subversive 100 monkey Tiles

Subversive 100 monkey Tiles

Subversive 100 monkey Tiles

100th Monkey Tacoma


The Stonegate
5421 S Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA 98409

June 23rd 7:30 to 9:30.
Band: Mr. FUSION
Tile artist: THE CLAW

Bring food and beverage to ’share’ and measly $4 for collector art piece and support the monk

NO cost art community building

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