No. 009 Mark Brill

Mark Brill, CLAW Member #9

Mark Brill, CLAW Member #9

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Built out of spare parts in the distant future by TRO (The Robot Overlords), the Brillustrator was sent back to our time in order to subvert the fabric of society through a combination of deviant cartoons and depilatory cream!  Fortunately for the unwitting inhabitants of present-day Earth, he has remained relatively  unknown despite having engaged in illustrating a number of high-profile projects, including art for Magic: The Gathering & Harry Potter cards, some Star Trek comic book covers and even having once been the “artist” responsible for a zillion Professor Egghead cartoons cluttering up software catalog pages.

These days, having given up on the idea of world conquest due to the unexpected onslaught of the general lassitude brought on by an aging process unknown in the distant future (where people are mostly just giant heads that don’t get out much), he has channeled his questionable talents into Furry Fandom and is now trying to embrace his inner cartoonist, drawing silly pictures for pleasure…and also for imprinted sportswear.

And so, the world has survived yet another insidious plot by dark powers from beyond space and time, but all it got for its trouble was some lousy t-shirts.