The CLAW Report for March 2010

The CLAW, while founded by a bunch of guys, extremely pasty white guys, was meant to be a secret organization, but never a fraternal one. However it remained one as our pasty ranks swelled, in number that is, until the highly coveted tenth member position became available. And who would become the mysterious member X? The CLAW is very proud to announce Anique Zimmer as its newest inductee into its most hallowed ranks. Congratulations, Anique, you signed “The Pact You Were Better Off Not Signing” and are now a talon of The CLAW!
"The White Team" courtesy of Kevin Frietas
As decided through a random drawing, the theme for the Open Swim in March was “Win, Lose, or CLAW!” Two teams, the Whites and the Blacks, pitted their pens and their wits against each other to draw such things as: Amish Crab, Aroma of Tacoma, Potato Canon, Hailey’s Comet, Nazi Camel, and Sheep Running in Fear (to name only a few). But in the end the much coveted basket of spoils went to the Whites. Keep an eye on the CLAW just subscribe to the RSS feed, or our email and and you will learn what’s planned for the next CLAW Open Swim. CLAW Open Swim meetings are open to the public at 7:30 PM on the 4th Wednesday of each month, at the beautiful Mandolin Café, 3923 S. 12th St., Tacoma 98405.
"The Black Team" courtesy of Kevin Frietas

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