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FREE Tinker Pumpkin Carving Festival + Workshop w. The CLAW!

CARVING festival of pumpkins

ENLIST NOW with the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians FREE pumpkin carving festival!  Local alt-Art supply Tinkertopia is sponsoring tinker supplies to all entries; however, you bring your own Pumpkin with Pumpkin Guts REMOVED …  come to our free carving festival workshop and hangout with local Cartoonists!

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It’s Bring Your Own Pumpkin the CLAW’s 5th Annual Tinker Pumpkin Carving Festival! Bring your pumpkins and carving implements to TINKERTOPIA. Be sure to RSVP on our Facebook page so that we have a rough idea of how many to set up the room for. Be it a traditional jack-o-lantern, painted, carved, or prop encrusted, there is only one rule: It has to be created on-site during the allowed time. We do ask that if you’re going to core your pumpkin, you do so at home to keep down on the mess. Costumes, funny hats, and Halloween candy are encouraged. ***MISC. TINKER MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED BY TINKERTOPIA*** October is also the time the CLAW fundraisers for the CLAW Student Scholarship fund. Spare change is welcomed to help a lucky student afford art supplies.

• Bring your own pumpkin
• Pre-cored (GUTS REMOVED)
• Bring carving tools
• Bring some back up towels

OCTOBER 25TH – 7:30 – 9:30 pm
1914 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, Washington 98402!


check out these incredible pumpkins from last year:


“I typed this up real quick, a few suggestions on pumpkin carving. use some or none 🙂 How to get the most out of your pumpkin.
1) Scrape don’t carve. If you scrape or grind away at your pumpkin you can do shading and fine detail work you wouldn’t be able to if you carve all the way through
2) Cut out a circle out of the bottom, not top of your pumpkin. It will trap light better
3) Spray the inside with a 10/1 mixture of water to bleach
4) Spray the outside with a cheap hairspray to seal it
5) Light your pumpkin, if possible, with a compact fluorescent or led bulb. If you must use a candle you will need to poke some holes in the top for air flow. This is my favorite tip. Minimal heat so the pumpkin lasts longer and it is so much brighter. I usually use a light like this…/bulb-inside-work-light-fixtures-s…

6) Keep the pumpkin cool, store outdoors.
Following these tips should get you 7-14 days of decorative use.”


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Work and Share Open Swim

Wednesday, September 27th is a special workparty night at this month’s CLAW’s Open Swim. Bring any projects, sketchbook, anything you want to work on. Many CLAW members are currently working on our anthology and will be using this as a time to draw and share what they are working on. All are welcome! Please bring snacks to share!

Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: King’s Books

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CLAW September Song 2017

Behold highlights from the return on investment (ROI) with CLAW public access shrinky dink film art outreach…

Next CLAW open swim?  TBD.


JENNEVIEVE SCHLEMMER:  Short Leg Studio will be at Geek Girl Con Sept 30th-oct 1st! [Also] Need Input! I want to create my first t-shirt to sell at Geek Girl Con, Jet City Comic Fest, etc,–which design of these do you think would work best? Or is there another image of mine you think would be better? Thanks!

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BRENT ROSENBURGH: The video that I have my 3-second shot in is finished! Watch and support! For context, this is an old episode of the old show “Super Mario World” that had all of the shots cut and sent to 227 animators (myself included) to re-animate. Then the finished shots were re-assembled and put to the original audio from the cartoon.

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COREY MACOUREK: 3rd episode of Lit’lFriends. I’ve got the 4th episode in the works and am considering uploading a shorter clip format to drop nonsense more often and make more spur of the moment silliness. Thanks!

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RUSS RICHARDS: Hey guys! I’m excited to announce that I will be the artist at Friday Night Frights at Blue Mouse Theater on the 15th of next month. I get to create a piece for one of my all time favorite movies Army of Darkness!

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MARK BRILL: Quietus Spike got reprinted, so I got new proofs and a box of cards in the mail from Wizards of the Coast (WotC)! Feels like old times!

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STAN BROWN: I’ve begun posting “Today’s Doodle” on my Instagram account (@stannex), also viewable at my FB page (@stannex) or my Twitter stream (@stannex). Each weekday a new image from my notebooks … a spiritual successor to my Doodle-a-Day project that ran daily from 2006–2009.

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MARK MONLUX: Next month, on the first Saturday, it will be 24 Hour Comic Challenge at Tacoma Games. Starts at 10am and ends at 10am the next day. Come empty headed and prepared to write, sketch and ink a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Also, Monlux will be attending two conventions Rose City Comic Con in Portland Sept 9-11, and Normandy Park’s [the town not the park] Zombie Fest on Spet 16, a free family event. Bring the kids.

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